Company software

VIS (Very Interactive Sites)

VIS is a software which analyses and evaluates the quality and the degree of interactivity between sites/portals and users.

VIS is a program which delimits sixteen qualitative parameters which correspond to the basic elements of the Web pages.

Functor 1 describes the functionality and the architecture of the information, functor 2 the communicative power, functor 3 the readability, and functor 4 the aesthetic/interactive coherence.

It assigns percentage points to each parameter and aggregates the parameters into four blocks of different qualities known as functors (functor stands for the whole of more functions)  of interactivity.

There are three types of pages of sites/portals which are submitted to the VIS: the home page, the map and the internal pages.

These pages are evaluated on both in percentages and in a differentiated manner, depending on the page type.

The results in percentages given to the analysed pages allow us to fully appreciate the degree of interactive and specific communicative quality of the site/portal.

The parameters and the VIS functors are not subjective. They are based on integrated approaches and theories of the knowledge, communication and interaction in the field of man-machine interface.

Usability of sites

No more extemporaneous discussions regarding the usability of sites.
All problems which may arise will be solved.

No more unjustified costs for sites and portals with which companies, institutions, and associations communicate with others on the Web or within the company itself.

The sites, portals and marketplaces are the interface which we require in order to communicate and operate in virtual interactions.

They can and must function in order to satisfy the needs of companies, institutions and individuals.

How to receive an evaluation of your site

To obtain the analysis with VIS, you must require it sending the specific form.

Pragmema will send you the result of the evaluation with:

  • a descriptive form
  • a statistic sinthesys for parameter tipology